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Tuesday, December 1, 2015
Check out this great book review of Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

1 May 2006
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Bad Kitty Long Sleeved Tee
The classic Bad Kitty t-shirt. This shirt combines the black Bad Kitty logo with eye-catching red glitter text. Great for everyday wear, this shirt will definitely get attention!

Bad Kitty Long Sleeved Tee

  Price: $35.00
Martini Chick Girlie Tank
Cocktails after dark! This fun tank combines the sophistication of 007s favorite drink with the dazzling combination of hot pink glitter and black. Perfect for lighting up any party or a night on the town.

Looks dazzling alone, or with this perfect accessory.

Martini Chick Girlie Tank

  Price: $25.00
Hip Chick Wear
Hip Chicks are trendy girls who wear their clothes with attitude. If you’re a Hip Chick, you stand out, you shine.
Rodeo Chick
Hey there cowgirls! Bad Kitty Clothing brings you a line of super trendy, very cute Western themed tees and tanks.
Shining Symbols Wear
Cute, trendy and fun, each symbol is printed in bright glitter for maximum shimmer and shine.
Yoga Chick Wear
Contemplate the Universe or what you're going to wear out tonight in our super-zen yoga themed shirts.
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